The simplest explanation is usually the best one-Occam's razor

I am a proactive person with an interdisciplinary background in public policy, governance, and English (Linguistics), as well as experience in a variety of work and extracurricular activities. I have a passion for interdisciplinary research, policy-making, mass communication, and media studies. 

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Masters Degree: Executive Masters in Policy and Governance (EMPG) 

North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Fall 2022

Undergraduate Degree: B.A in English (Linguistics) 

North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Fall 2019

 Research Associate, South Asian Institute of Policy and Governance, North South University

Research Assistant to Dr. Harisur Rahman & Dr. Mohammad Shamsuzzaman

 Editor in Chief (Founder) NSU Journal of Student Research

Teaching Assistant, Department of English and Modern Languages, NSU

Club Growth Director/ Area Director/ Club President

Marketing and Communication Consultant, Edge Coffee

Winter Camp in Quantitative Research Methodology: 24 Hours or 2 Credits (January 10-January 14, 2023)

Joint Certificate by North South University and Manchester Metropolitan University

Why study public policy and governance? ( The Daily Star) Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Deepfakes and Bangladesh general election 2024" (Dhaka Tribune), September 25, 2023 

The urgency of good AI" (Dhaka Tribune), June 13, 2023 

Stopping online misinformation" (Dhaka Tribune), May 1, 2023 

Why not a PhD from a Bangladeshi private university? (The Daily Star) Sun Jan 8, 2023 

বেসরকারি বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ে পিএইচডি করার সুযোগ থাকবে না কেন" (প্রথম আলো), November 8, 2022 

Why public speaking should be taught in our high schools" (Dhaka Tribune), October 28, 2022 

Cases and causes of ‘benevolent sexism’ in Bangladesh" (The Daily Observer), September 9, 2022 

Stereotyping in today’s Bangladesh" (The Daily Observer), September 30, 2022 

Rising inflation in Bangladesh: A land of the future poor" (The Daily Observer), August 26, 2022 

Public Speaking in the time of Corona" (The Bangladesh Today), September 5, 2020 

North South University Toastmasters ClubRole: Member Duration: July 2017 - Present 
NSU TV, Radio & Digital Lab Role: Student Advisor Duration :January 2021- Present 
TEDxBashundharaRd Role: Lead Organizer and Licensee First event: February 10, 2023 


Area: Qualitative Data Analysis

Proficiency Level: Proficient 

Kobo Toolbox

Area: Data Collection and Management 

Proficiency Level: Experience


Area: Statistical Analysis

Proficiency Level: Experience 


Area: Citation Management 

Proficiency Level: Proficient 

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